13Cozy Department Decoration Ideas with DIY Stuffs

Are you longing for some wonderful projects to decorate your house which are special yet not expensive? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we would like to show you a collection of 13 fantastic DIY stuffs that can be wonderful decorations for your department
All of these DIY projects are made of used stuffs. Such as an old door, an used bucket and even some copper wire. Why not check these tutorials out and make some stunning ornaments for your cozy home? Scroll down and have a try. Enjoy!
DIY Hanging Shelf
DIY Hanging Shelf via
Just like a swing, this simple hanging shelf adds artistic vibe to your wall. Just click the tutorial and make one at once.

Pretty DIY Bench Tutorial
Pretty DIY Bench Tutorial via
What a beautiful bench! It maybe a comfortable bed for your puppy.

DIY Rug Tutorial
DIY Rug Tutorial via
Who can tell that such a stylish rug is made by the used blanket?
Old Dresser Refreshment
Old Dresser Refreshment via
If you don’t want to spend a sum of money to buy a new dressing table, just try to renovate the old one. It can be stunning, too.
DIY Pillow Tutorial
DIY Pillow Tutorial via
Add some golden patterns to you pillow and turn it into a chic one.
DIY Headboard Tutorial
DIY Headboard Tutorial via
Don’t you think this headboard is quite classy? Follow the tutorial and see how to make it.
DIY Side Table Idea
DIY Side Table Idea via
This white side table is quite simple yet stylish and it won’t cost you much money. Just click the link and see how to make it.
DIY Wooden Crate with Hairpin Legs
DIY Wooden Crate with Hairpin Legs via
Such a simple crate table is so economic that it is really wonderful for young people who don’t want to buy an expensive one.
DIY Crate Tutorial Idea
DIY Crate Tutorial Idea via
Have you ever thought the crate can be an idea shelf? It’s such a great idea to experiment with. Follow the tutorial and have a try.
DIY Paper Flower Garland
DIY Paper Flower Garland via
This paper garland is fantastic to decorate a barren wall and it can be a nice portiere as well.
Salvaged Wood Headboard
Salvaged Wood Headboard via
The wood headboard is effortless chic and It’s really great for a cozy room.
DIY Copper Leaves
DIY Copper Leaves Idea via
Here is another way to decorate your mirror. See how to use gold leaves here and how to make the DIY copper leaves mirror here.